Relaxation and wellness service with in-room massages

Casa Dona Maria Luiza features a wide range of relaxation services, so you can enjoy a full stay of comfort.

Below we describe the different types of massage. For more information and booking, please contact us.

  • Relaxation massage with candles Shea

Let yourself be carried away by the pleasant sensation of a super moisturizing warm massage, toning, antioxidant and relaxing. The combination of these features provide a fantastic experience well-being unique.

Essences up slowly release the heat of action, providing a wonderful aromatherapy experience, creating a gentle sense of physical comfort, reducing stress, reducing fatigue and pain.

There is no risk of burning and among health benefits include the nutrition of the skin and muscle tissue, rapid elimination of toxins, energy balance and resumption of blood flow per share of hypodermic effect.

  • Relaxation massage with essential oils

ultra gentle massage that interacts with the technique of homoterapia. It is highly recommended for cases of insomnia, stress, fibromyalgia and for pregnant women.

Provides a unique sense of well being, a liberation of the tension of the day-to-day, a detox of all the maladies caused by stress, leaving our body and spirit rejuvenated.

  • physiotherapy treatments

In case you are recovering from an injury that has suffered, Casa Dona Maria Luiza allows you to continue your treatment during the stay.

For more information and booking, please contact us.